High King Ignis

After the King's death, Ignis his recently appointed advisor, became the King and tyrant of Avalosh.


High King Ignis keeps a extravagant, populated and busy court. It is so busy it seems as if he is almost never alone. He has entertainers, advisors, guards, and generals galore. All of this is paid for by the citizens of Avalosh of course.


Shortly before his death of natural causes the late King of Avalosh appointed Ignis as his advisor. Upon the King’s death of old age Ignis immediately grabbed the throne, exiled the prince, and declared himself High King Ignis. The prince is now being sheltered by the human kingdom to the south of Avalosh against which High King Ignis has declared war. He enforced mass conscription to raise an army to conquer the southern kingdom and execute the prince. He is a ruthless tyrant, and has raised taxes on all of Avalosh to support his rich court.

High King Ignis

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